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Located in Houlton, Maine, Stepping Stones offers a unique Family Stabilization Program (FSP) in a residential setting. The FSP supports parents and children living together while the parents acquire the skills to identify and meet each child’s needs.  This 24/7-educational based model ensures the safety of the family members while providing education to the parents and support for the children.

Our program provides a comprehensive assessment that determines the individual goals and objectives that each family will work on while in the residential program. Families will participate in weekly classes and groups to assist them in developing the skills to be successful and effective parents and contributing members of the community. Access to community mental health and case management services can be arranged while participating in the FSP.

Stepping Stones is a co-ed facility serving families whose purpose is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that support families and enables them to gain independence of state and federal resources.

For more information on our Family Stabilization Program please call Michelle Sherman-Malone on 1 888 866 0113 Ext. 717


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